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Do you need short links to your web site for printed material, social media or other sharing.

At Derbyshire Web Hosting we have a range of web addresses that can be used to generate a short URL to point to your web address. For example


Takes you to one of our sites, The Sticky Beak Blog, so rather than having to type www.thestickybeak.co.uk/ourreviews.asp you would just type pop2.us/sbb

Short links are great for

  • Pointing to special pages such as events, products or articles where the existing web address is too long to type
  • Pointing to Facebook or other social media pages
  • Pointing to web sites that are easily spelt wrong
  • Pointing to web sites that are too long to use on printed material
  • Getting a short web address that is easy to remember
  • Getting a short address that can quickly be typed into social media posts without having to cut and paste a long URL

We have a range of domains, our current list is;

  • pop2.us
  • pop2.uk
  • noq.li
  • noq4.us
  • on2.li
  • dwh.pm
  • dwh.li
  • myuk.site
  • myuk.biz
  • oursite.info
  • i2z.me
  • itoz.co.uk
  • signup2.us
  • email2.uk

So if you want to see if your short link is available just contact us and we'll check out whats available

We'll let you know some links you can use and then if you want to go ahead we charge £20 per link per annum (discount available for multiple links)