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Domain Registration

What is a Domain? A domain is just the name used to find you or your business on the internet.

If you haven’t got your own web site or have your own web site without your own domain then why not get yours registered. Once you register your domain name it remains yours as long as you continue to renew*

There are hundreds of domain types to go from but the most common ones are .co.uk, .com, .org.uk, .org but there a hundreds of different domain names to choose from.

We can register your domain for you, our charge for domain registration for 1 years is £15 for a .co.uk and £20 for a .com.

You will hear cries of ‘I can register them cheaper than that’ – you can – just pay a visit to 123-Reg and do it from there – the reason we charge a little more is the value added service we offer.

Our domain registration includes;

  1. We will get the required information from you and fill in the forms in your name but we will remain the administrative contact in case of any problems

  2. We will set-up a divert so anyone entering your web address will be diverted to a page of your choice, this could be your existing web site, a facebook page or your page on a directory site such as Amber Valley Info or Yell.COM

  3. We will set-up an email divert, so you can have an email address at your new domain that can be diverted to your Hotmail, AOL, Outlook or any other email address.

  4. If you decide to move your domain (for example you have web site designed by a different company) then we will handle our side of the transfer with no charge from us (however some providers do incur charges and these would be passed on to you)

  5. We will make two changes to your diverts each year at no charge, any subsequent changes would be made at a small administration charge

All you need to do is send us details of your domain requirements and your company name and we’ll take a look round and find some suitable domain suggestions for you.

* All domain registration services have processes for challenging domain ownership, whilst these challenges are relatively rare it is possible to lose your domain through these processes.