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Our Content Management System

A Content Management System allows you to edit the text and pictures displayed on your web page. 

At Derbyshire Web Hosting we have written our own Content Management System, this enables us to adapt and improve what we offer based on feedback and suggestions from our clients.

If you choose the Content Management system option to will be given a seperate web address and a unique login name and password so you can maintain your site.

You can't edit everything with Content Management, the design and structure of the page cannot be changed along with some other coding however there are three main areas you can edit.

  • Core text such as headers and footers and other common text that appears on all pages.
  • The body of each page can be edited including the ability to add images
  • User specific databases such as product lists can be added to and updated.

Core Text

The phrase core text covers a lot of things such as;

  • Headers and Footers
  • Menu Items
  • Legends in Forms
  • Page Titles
  • Meta Tags

All you need to do is select the item you want to change from a list, click on the edit button and type the next text.

Page Text

Any editable web page can have multiple text blocks added to it, each text block contains a header, an image then four blocks of formatted text (top, bottom, left and right) - you can use all of these areas or just a single area and our CMS will intelligently format the finished result for you.

Text Block Title


 Top Text Block



Left Text Block



Uploaded Image



 Right Text Block



Bottom Text Block


Each text block can be edited using our text editor which will allow you to change the style and colour of the text being displayed as well as adding links to other web sites, tables and much more.

User Databases

If you have any custom databases added to your site then you can also maintain these through Content Management, you can list, add, edit, delete or search through the contents of your database.

And finally .....

We maintain this site using our own Content Management System..........